Translating Biology 
into Therapies

Therapies that correct an imbalance in the immune system are known as immunotherapies as they function to restore immune homeostasis and can have significant, if not profound, therapeutic activity. Though, much of immunotherapy’s success can be attributed to a limited number of companies that took a risk on a new target or approach. This was most notably exemplified by the development of Checkpoint Blockade therapies – through target validation and drug development, patients benefited, and new paradigms were established.

We believe that life-changing discoveries originate from academic labs. Unfortunately, most of these discoveries have a limited chance of becoming breakthrough therapies as current validation and drug development strategies are inefficient and ineffective.

We intend to reimagine drug discovery by rapidly validating the efficacy, safety, and developability of academic discoveries and utilizing these discoveries to create a broad portfolio of first-in-class immunotherapy drug candidates to meet unmet medical needs in cancer, inflammation, infection, and autoimmunity. We are focused on developing a pipeline of biologics, namely monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and mAb derivatives, and we are propelled by our novel R&D platforms and proprietary assays.

Bridging the “Therapeutic Valley of Death”

Novel immunotherapeutics face a formidable therapeutic valley of death. Successfully navigating this valley provides tremendous value to patients and investors – typically the largest step-up in a program’s lifetime.  We provide the neccessary R&D infrastructure to rapidly and effectively traverse this valley.

Foundery Innovations. Engineering Success. Validated efficacy. Validated safety. Validated developability.The valley of death. Poor success rate of novel observations and targets traversing to clinical assessment.Observation. Novel observation or target identification with potential therapeutic value. Limited valuation.Clinical drug 
development candidate. NewCo formation, 
or out-licensing. Large Step-up 
in valuation.Foundery Innovations. Engineering Success. Validated efficacy. Validated safety. Validated developability.

Immune Archetype Platform

The development of the next generation of immunotherapies requires a deeper resolution of the immune system. A much more nuanced understanding of how immune cells function within specific tissues and interactively throughout the human body (as opposed to knowledge of their functions in isolation), as well as a deeper appreciation of the broad diversity and plasticity of immune cells and immune cell subsets, is needed.

To help address this issue, Foundery founder Max Krummel and colleagues have described the “Immune Archetype” platform, which characterizes a continuum of archetypal immune response states that collections of immune cells can take, many of which serve to accommodate dynamic tissue function.

By characterizing and comparing the archetypal states in healthy versus diseased states, key insights are gained into the cause and consequence of the disease and how to interconvert the immune archetype of a particular tissue from diseased to healthy. We believe this platform will provide us with unrivaled insight into the biology underlying immune-based diseases and help us elucidate biomarkers to ensure we target patient cohorts that are most likely to benefit from our therapies.

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