Translating fundamental biology 
into impactful therapies

Much of the history of immunotherapy’s success took place when a single company took a risk on a new target or approach (e.g., Checkpoint Blockade therapy). Through testing and generating developmental candidates, patients benefited, and paradigms were established. Foundery intends to re-establish discovery as the basis for the next immunotherapies, focusing on de-risking new ideas by bringing them into a developmental pipeline and pressure-testing them quickly and efficiently using our deep experience in immunobiology and immunotherapy development. By efficiently prosecuting candidate targets, we will radically test more novel targets and ultimately bring more groundbreaking therapies to patients. By having an in-house team of professional drug-developers as co-Founders in each program, we will significantly shorten timelines for new company formation, benefiting institutions, investors and patients.


Immune archetype platform

The development of the next generation of innovative immunotherapies require a significantly deeper understanding of the immune system. A much more nuanced understanding is needed of how immune cells function in concert within specific tissues and interactively throughout the human body (as opposed to understanding their functions in isolation), as well as a deeper appreciation of the broad diversity and plasticity of immune cells and immune cell subsets. To help address this issue, Foundery founder Max Krummel and colleagues are developing the “Immune Archetype” platform, which describes a continuum of archetypal immune response states that collections of immune cells can take, many of which serve to accommodate dynamic tissue function. By characterizing and comparing the archetypal states in healthy versus diseased states, key insights could be gained into the cause and consequence of the disease, and how to interconvert the immune archetype of a particular tissue from diseased to healthy. The immune archetype is relevant for all of Foundery’s target indications, including cancer, infectious diseases, and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


Cutting-edge pipeline

Therapies that correct the imbalance in the immune system are known as immunotherapies as they function to restore normal immunity and have significant, if not profound, therapeutic activity. Based on the founder’s extensive experience in basic and applied immunology, as well as translating early academic concepts into effective therapies, the company is extremely well positioned to identify cutting-edge concepts and targets for evaluation and development.

Shared service model


Shared service model

Foundery uses a shared service model to maximize the chance of new drug development programs achieving clinical proof-of-concept (POC) while minimizing the time to obtain clinical POC data. The structure utilizes an experienced, dedicated, and highly focused team of drug developers to evaluate, validate, and prioritize drug target candidates, and then to develop advanced development candidate packages that can then be out-licensed or used to seed spin out companies (NewCos). Foundery staff have expertise in leading programs, developing and engineering antibodies, producing and characterizing proteins, immune systems biology, in vitro pharmacology, in vivo pharmacology, bioanalytics, and biomarkers.

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