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Our studio was forged in 2021 by – Max, Michel, and Sriram – united by their shared goal to re-establish discovery as the basis for the next generation of immunotherapies.

With their deep knowledge of immunobiology and their impressive track record of discovering and developing multiple, multibillion-dollar immunotherapies, they have positioned Foundery to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the pre-clinical R&D process.

They aim to preserve the innovative culture of biotech and bridge the translational gap by providing leading academic scientists with exclusive access to best-in-class technology platforms and the necessary R&D infrastructure to transform their discoveries into breakthrough therapies.

Executive Management Team

A Proven Record of Selecting and Developing Commercially Successful Therapies

Photo of Max Krummel

Max Krummel, PhD

Founder &
Managing Member
  • UCSF Professor & Endowed Chair in Experimental Pathology
  • Discovered and patented Checkpoint Blockade Target CTLA-4 (2022 Yervoy® Sales: $2B)
  • Defined Myeloid Tuning & founded Pionyr (Gilead secured $1.7B Buyout Option in 2020)
  • Discovered Immune Archetypes in Cancer & COVID
  • PhD, University California, Berkeley
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Photo of Michel Streuli

Michel Streuli, PhD

Founder, Managing Member, &
Chief Executive Officer
  • Drove early development of multiple immunotherapies, including IntronA and Keytruda® (2022 Keytruda® Sales: $21B)
  • 20+ year biotech veteran
  • Former Professor at Harvard and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • PhD, University of Zurich
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Photo of Venkataraman "Sriram"

Venkataraman “Sriram”, PhD

Founder, Managing Member, &
Chief Scientific Officer
  • Guided preclinical pharmacology for Keytruda® and led Pionyr’s non-clinical PY314 program
  • 15+ years experience in immuno-oncology R&D and strategy development at Schering-Plough, Merck, Gilead and Pionyr
  • Expertise in small molecule and biologics development for immuno-oncology
  • PhD, University of Madras
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Photo of Jate Samathivathanachai

Jate Sam, MBA, CLP

Chief Business
  • Executed >$10B in M&A, financing, licensing transactions and ~$70M in PE/VC investments
  • 20 years of investment banking, corporate development, principal investing and general management experience in the biopharma and consumer sectors
  • MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • Certified Licensing Professional
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Operating Team and Studio

Team’s Deep Experience Enables Translation of Academic Discoveries into High-value Preclinical Therapies

Photo of Elizabeth Edmiston

Elizabeth Edmiston, PhD

Senior Director, Business Operations & Investor Relations
  • 7 Years Academic and Industry Experience
  • Prior Position: Senior Alliance and Business Development Manager, UCSF
  • PhD, Immunology, University of California, Davis
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Photo of Joshua Pollack

Joshua Pollack, MS

Senior Director, Bioinformatics
  • 14 Years Academic and Industry Experience
  • Prior Position: Associate Director, Bioinformatics & Trans. Biology, Pionyr
  • MS, Computational Biology and Genomics, University of California, Berkeley
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Photo of Vladi Juric

Vladi Juric, PhD

Senior Director, Pharmacology
  • 13 Years Academic and Industry Experience
  • Prior Position: Director, Early Discovery Biology, Pionyr
  • PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Illinois, Chicago
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Map of the Foundery headquarters near the UCSF campus

Foundery Headquarters

  • Our 350 Parnassus location provides unprecedented physical proximity to cutting-edge immunologists
  • 13,600 square feet of laboratory and office space
  • Designed to accommodate a 1-2 NewCos

Scientific Advisory Board

An Amalgam of Cutting-edge Scientists Collectively Providing Wide-ranging Scientific and Technical Expertise and External R&D Review

Ananda Goldrath

Ananda Goldrath, PhD

Tata Chancellor’s Endowed Professor, Molecular Biology, UC San Diego
T Cell KOL
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Dan Littman

Dan Littman, MD, PhD

Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Professor of Molecular Immunology, NYU School of Medicine
Integrated Immune KOL
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Rich Locksley

Richard Locksley, MD

Marion and Herbert Sandler Distinguished Professor, UC San Francisco
Innate Lymphocyte Biology KOL
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Alexis Combes

Alexis Combes, PhD

Associate Professor, Pathology, UC San Francisco
Immune Archetype KOL
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Leonard Presta

Leonard G. Presta, PhD

Retired Biotech Veteran
Renowned Antibody & Protein Engineer
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Adil Daud

Adil Daud, MD

Director of Melanoma Clinical Research, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, UC San Francisco
Immunotherapy KOL
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