About Us

Our mission is to improve patients' lives by developing transformative immunotherapies for immune-based diseases. We envision Foundery will become the premier biotechnology “studio” efficiently validating and translating early drug concepts into groundbreaking medicines by seamlessly working with innovators and industry partners. We are led by our belief that discovery is the basis for the next immunological breakthroughs.

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Founding Principles


Great Science

We collaborate with world-class academic partners and utilize cutting-edge R&D platforms to deepen our understanding of the immune system and prioritize sharing our paradigm-shifting discoveries in top-tier, peer-reviewed journals.


Efficient Pipeline Execution

We focus on designing killer experiments to effectively evaluate and advance novel concepts and targets. Our decisions to prioritize validated targets and build advanced development candidate packages are data-driven. We benchmark our candidates, ensuring they are rigorously assessed and optimally positioned for clinical success.


Employee Dedicated

We are committed to a culture of personnel development and promote teamwork, inclusion, mentoring, and career development. We strive to create a highly interactive, nurturing, and rewarding work environment for our employees, which cultivates their talents and inspires them to achieve personal and company goals through collaboration.


Founder Friendly

We invest in academic investigators by providing funding, profit sharing, and the necessary infrastructure and expertise to help them transform their discoveries into next-generation immunotherapies. We seek out prominent scientific investigators, investors, and biopharmaceutical partners to forge new biotech companies and generate highly competitive returns.

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